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From the Minutes of Takeley Parish Council

September 2011

Communicating with the Community
(previously circulated)
Clr Nick Free introduced the concept of ‘Takeley forum’.
A web based forum this will create an improved communication and publicity capability for the Parish of Takeley and the surrounding areas, to help understand local issues and to promote news and events within the area.
Provide Takeley with an information source and interactive two way forum for local groups, clubs and potentially local small firms to share news on their activities, events, thoughts and ideas as well as providing a forum for local people to highlight issues and feedback on policy in a way that will support the creation, development and on-going review of the Parish Plan. The forum should provide an immediacy of communication and feedback that supplements the cycles of printed media (newsletters, grapevine etc.).
Sits alongside the council web site and has links to and from the existing site. Existing site remains the home (and document repository) for TPC and becomes the interactive, wider local area forum.
Core management group will act as site administrator to publish and manage content on-going to keep the site updated, fresh and apply the appropriate moderation according to rules.
Estimated costs, excluding VAT.
Purchase of other domain extensions to restrict Cyber Squatters
Design, set-up, establish customer management system, content management system, templates, profiles, privileges, blog pages, local community/business advertising slots
First year annual hosting cost
Included in design
 costs above
Optional set-up of Billboard page and workflow (max 2 days consultancy and development)
On-going annual hosting and server support costs
£80 p.a.

TPC thanked Clr Free and agreed that this is an important element to increasing community cohesion, and developing an opportunity that enables the community to fully participate in the spectrum of local issues. The Council resolved to sponsor this initiative and to provide £2500 from the ‘Community Projects’ fund towards start up costs. TPC agreed that the Clerk should work with Clr Free and his wife to explore the best IT solution which will then be presented to the Parish Council for ratification. 

October 2011

Communicating with the Community - ‘Takeley Forum’
(previously circulated)
Clr Nick Free reported progress of ‘Takeley forum’.
TPC approved:
-     Draft contract
-     Authorised payment to £1k + vat deposit.
Authorised Clr Nick Free and the Clerk to progress the contract.

November 2011

Communicating with the Community - ‘Takeley Forum’
Clr Nick Free reported progress of ‘Takeley forum’:
-Deposit paid
- met with development company to detail requirements.
-Drafts and templates will be shared with TPC members
-Clerk & Clr Free will submit a summary of comments to development company
-Next payment upon completion
-Target is to launch in December.

December 2011

Takeley Forum
Clr Nick Free reported:
§ Website build will be completed w/e 16/12/11
§ Final payment will be required on completion.
§ Clr Nick Free demonstrated various pages from the website. TPC members agreed that the website would be an excellent source of information and provide a useful communication tool for the community. It appears very clean and easy to access.
§ Data will be uploaded and ready to go live.
§ The site will be promoted in the February/March Newsletter.
§ TPC agreed that local business will be charged £20 per annum per advert.
§ Business advertisers will be encouraged to promote ‘Takeley Forum’ on their hard copy advertising (viral)
§ Revenue from advertising will be held by TPC and will fund competition prizes.
§ All other adverts/content will be free of charge

January 2012

Takeley Forum
The website build is now complete and final payment is required.
TPC authorised the 2nd & final payment of £1461.58 (inc vat) 
The site will be launched in the February/March Newsletter.

Declarations of Interest:

Members were reminded that they should declare relevant interests at each meeting for items on the agenda and to request a ‘Change Form’ if their circumstances have changed and their register needs amending.

… I’m glad I only spent £10.50 on my site!

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