Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another damp Bank Holiday Monday

Well Resurrection Sunday has passed again and once again we are confined to our front rooms as the rain falls. We are in a drought and so should be grateful.
This afternoon I walked out to Little Canfield Church. I wanted to check the progress of the blue bells at Runnell Hey. And was not disappointed. They are in their first flush promising the usual burst of colour.

IMG20120409_002 On the walk it was good to see the path-side plants. They may be common but in their spring showing their shining beauty is welcome.


Dogs Mercury is the signature plant of our woodlands. It is so common. If you happen to smell it it is fetid. Young dogs some times find the smell irresistible and  are severely affected by it. It is poisonous and so they end up vomiting. Their attraction for it is not why it is called Dogs Mercury. The Dog bit refers to its uselessness as a food compared to its close cousins. Dog here means useless.


Stitchwort has a beautiful flower and looks special at this time of the year as does the Wood Anemone.

Some simple plants to look out  for. I don’t know if being able to name them increases the enjoyment of them and by the way; stitchwort is supposed to have the medicinal property that it cures stitches. Might be useful for the cyclists and runners who passed me today.

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