Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter's here again

Saturday lunch time and the snow started to fall. Takeley didn't grind to a halt; the roads had been gritted and a steady flow of traffic kept the roads clear. This is still the case but leave the roads and this is what you see. The lakes are beautiful again with this new covering.
This all adds to the excitement. Will Christmas be white.
Everywhere carol concerts will be happening this weekend. The Takeley Church one is tonight at 6pm. But off the roads it's a bit slippery, and the church is peripheral to the village, standing as it does in a field outside the community. Will people brave the inclement conditions?
I've always thought this to be sad. Hopefully it is not a reflection on the culture of Takeley, as there are many good people engaged in many good works and the attendees of the church are big hearted and welcoming.
Families are so important this time of the year and the village is very much an extended family but looking for a focus. There doesn't seem to be any one local pub or club; there is a football team and a cricket team. There is a chapel and there is the church. Takeley Silver Jubilee hall and its club is a sort of focus, with scouts, cubs, brownies and guides meeting in a modern scout hut next to it and a nursery using the hall in term time. The local shops and bus stop see people meeting and stopping to chat. Smiles and hellos are exchanged.
The local primary school provides the focus for young families for a while and many of the people who work there are local and engaged elsewhere in the community. The parish council meets and works hard to build community. There is a weekly farmer's market where community organisations provide breakfast. A lot going on really. Fiendly.