Sunday, July 18, 2010

A walk to Macdonalds and back passed the balance pools

This is one of the balance pools. one of our favorite walks is down here and if you walk towards the airport you hit the roundabout over the A120 which gives you access to the service area for a coffee.
Afterwards we generally walk down passed the balance pools looking out for ducks, shell ducks sometimes and if you are really lucky ring necked plovers (I think). Sometimes there are some migrants on passage but its always good in sumeer for swifts, martins and swallows. Basically it is an area of peace smack bang under the airport.

One of the treats this time of the year are the meadow flowers; on this walk we saw loads of cornflowers, ragwort, eggs and bacon and frogwort as well as the rose bay willow herb and bladder campion and other campions. Another treat is lady's beadstraw with its great smell.
We also saw some cinnabar maths with their striking red and black colouring

You join the road again by walking down and along Pincey Brook past the motorcycle repair and disability vehicle garage. This is always interesting; look out for crayfish and here is a a picture with meadow sweet.

And then its across the road to Hatfield Forest and up onto the Flitch way to walk back towards Takeley Station

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