Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Freezing!

Seem to have experienced every weather possible. Walked across to MacDonalds on the other side of the A120. This is a good quick walk with a warm drink in the middle. You head off down towards the Street from Brewers End, past the turning to the Church and Millers and take the footpath waymarked between some beech trees. You can skirt the balance pools or follow the tack through the trees. There is a lovely view of the church; I might post a photo on a warmer sunnier day.
It's easy to climb the embankment taking care to close the gate to stop the deer getting onto the road.
Suddenly you are in another world with the roar of the traffic and the ever present view of the airport.
I can remember catching crayfish in Pincy brook where this road now runs. I can remember taking my class for walks into what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. It's all changed; I remember seeing the men banging the sticks in. We wondered what they were doing now we know.

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